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Children‘s Harness SC 101 GEKKO wins OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2008

OutDoor Industry Award

The combination harness SC 101 GEKKO relies on an especially innovative design. Directly woven into the harness straps is a trendy gecko design in the colours orange, grey, and black. That will definitely get the sophisticated climbing kids excited!

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International Forum Design (iF)

MOC in München

The M,O,C, event and order center
in Munich, Germany.

SKYLOTEC Moutain Showroom

SKYLOTEC's new showroom in the
M,O,C, in Munich/Freimann.

SKYLOTEC Messestand

SKYLOTEC's trade fair booth at
OutDoor 2008.


Works 1, Training Centre/Administration:
Im Bruch 11-15, Neuwied.


Works 2 and Central Warehouse:
Im Mühlengrund 8, Neuwied.

Many Ideas. All Possibilities.

Kai Rinklake, Geschäftsführer

Our expertise, combined with innovation, is a long tradition at SKYLOTEC. Since 1948 and our roots in manufacturing safety harnesses and rescue baskets for mining, a lot has happened. As a pioneer, we have faced new challenges again and again. With many patents and unnumerable products, the company, along with its employees, has grown into new markets.

Through increased product development, we are using the global possibilities and exploiting new markets—that is the path that our company has carved out for itself. For working, rescue, and rescue at heights, we already deliver the highest quality. The know-how from SKYLOTEC is especially valuable when it comes to people and absolute safety.

The many facets of mountaineering are very close to the needs of industry. Since 2008, ambitious mountaineers and climbing professionals have been benefitting from safety from SKYLOTEC.

SKYLOTEC revolutionises the market for fall-arrest devices on fixed guidance with the introduction of SPEED.

SKYLOTEC exhibits at Winter Ispo 2009 and wins the Ispo BrandNew Award with the climbing harness SKYFIT.

At the international sports exhibition OutDoor in Friedrichshafen, Germany, SKYLOTEC presents climbing equipment and mountaineering clothing for the first time.

The fall-arrest harness SIRRO is patented as the first full-body harness made of a load-bearing belt for industrial use. It wins the iF Product Design Award. In Shanghai, China, a sales office is opened. In this year, SKYLOTEC employs over 100 staff for the first time in its history.

SKYLOTEC erects a production hall for harness and rope manufacture at a second location in Neuwied. In May, the business unit "Retten + Sichern" of the Swiss company mammutec AG is acquired. At the same time, SKYLOTEC Hungary Kft. is founded as a second production location. For the first time, turnover exceeds 10 million euro.

The company changes its name to SKYLOTEC—Professional Protective Equipment, readying itself for the markets of the future. In the same year, the company Pewa Safety Systems is acquired.

In Singapore, EKN Asia Pacific pte. Ltd. is founded.

The product area “First Aid Equipment” is spun off into the independent company ultraMEDIC GmbH.

The work harness ARG 50 Integral is developed and patented. The special feature of this fall-arrest harness is its fully adjustable dorsal (rear) catching ring (D ring). Because of how this fall-arrest harness is designed, it is still frequently used today in the wind energy area of application.

The rescue device MILAN is developed. It is the worldwide leader of automatic descenders with centrifugal brakes for rescue in industrial applications.

Kai Rinklake joins the company. Under his leadership, the product range is expanded in a structured manner, the training centre is founded, and the international sales in Europe, North Africa, the Near East, and Asia are expanded.

The company obtains protection of a utility model from the German Patent Office for the first rescue basket made completely of stainless steel. In the same year, Wolfgang Rinklake purchases the company, founds Eduard Kaufmann GmbH, and moves the corporate headquarters to Neuwied in Rheinland (Germany).

Eduard Kaufmann founds the company. He produces safety harnesses and rescue baskets for rescue operations in mines.